After a 35-year career in journalism, I decided to create a blog and write about three of my primary passions. These are sociopolitical issues, alternative health care, and grammar, or more inclusively, the mechanics of writing. 

Working for newspapers and magazines, I had developed a growing interest in these fields. But unless one is an editorial writer or columnist, a journalist may not express a personal opinion on any subject. Journalistic ethics require, instead, that he or she must maintain an objective, detached attitude. blog

Like every journalist, I often chafed at this restriction, frequently knowing that the truth was not what was coming from the mouth of the person whose utterances I had to report. The urge to tell the real story often seethed in me, concomitant with my deepening insights into the ways in which people depart from the truth in response to emotional impulses. Human nature dictates that, rather than confront our emotions head-on, we often find ways to deceive ourselves in sidestepping the pain that honesty can cause.  

I have found that writing a blog is liberating. It affords me the opportunity to vent my strongly held views, free of the requirement to remain emotionally uninvolved in the subject at hand.  

The reader is invited to agree or differ with those views and post a comment. It might enlighten me and other readers of my blog.


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