A TALE OF TWO CONTINENTS: Jetting Across the Globe to Have a Baby

Tale of Two Cont

Childless in her early forties, time is running out for Arnelle Kendall to have the baby that she desperately wants. Her work as a public relations executive has her traveling internationally much of the year, leaving little time for romance.

A health scare adds urgency to her wish and narrows the timetable. But a life-threatening illness from 20 years earlier makes pregnancy hazardous. Defying the danger, she decides to have a baby through in vitro fertilization.

What follows in this memoir that I ghost-wrote is a heroic, extremely painful, and numbingly discouraging ordeal that involves a series of trips from her home in South Florida to her native Johannesburg, South Africa, to become impregnated. Tragedy strikes along the way. But Arnelle finally prevails, and is now the mother of a bright, bubbly little girl.


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